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Weimaraner and my  Otto


Once a weimaraner - allways weimaraner


My love for the grey allrounder startet in 1995, when I saw a picture of William Wegmanns weimaraner Fay and Man Ray.
I startet my research in a time with very limited possibilities - without internet and social network - just by contacting breeders worldwide via postnet.
The responces were very various - just from the harsh answer from the German Weimaraner Klub to very friendly and informative letters from different breeders.
I visited dog shows to study the breed of my interest in real life and talked to the handlers. 
Just 2 years later I got my very first and own dog - a weimaraner male from the Netherlands:
After Nani´s Perfect Stranger called Max.

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After Nani´s Perfect Stranger 1997

Unfortunately Max had to be neutered as he was a Cryptorchid, so I couldn´t use him for shows, like I dreamed of and he died unexpected after a serious surgery at the age of only 6 years. My sorrow was massive, so soon my next weimaraner Eric and a female weimaraner Mary moved in.

Argenteus High Density of Grey and Eric


In 2015 my fourth weimaraner - from a real "dream come true" mating - Jim Beam VS du Berceau de Bugatti - called OTTO, came to me and finally I could start to show and train for hunting diploma.

OTTO - the little big Sweetheart

Right from the start - after Otto came home to me, we started to train how to run and stand perfectly in the showing ring, aswell as basic obedience and hunting training. Otto is a very focused and intelligent weimaraner, so the training with him was allways a joy. 
I trained Otto only the positive way with clicker and loooots of goodies and commendation. All unwanted behaviour had to be ignored - as good as I could, what not allways was so easy.
As Otto is both curious, nosey and mouthy, he investigated a lot  - not only with his eyes, but also with his small razorsharp teeth.
Lots of things of higher and lower value became victims of Ottos way to keep himself entertained.
Also Eric and Mary - my 12 and 11,5 year old weimaraner-couple - had to go through a lot of Otto-fun. But they also taught him a lot of doggy language, to show respect or deal with consequences and raised him the best way a young pup can be educated... I´m so grateful that I had Eric and Mary to help me out with this bunch of crazy ideas called Otto.
This consequent way of educating Otto, which Eric and Mary practiced, was and is still so valuable and shows a lot of benifits in multible situations every day. 
For example is Otto totally easy with all dogs and respects even minimalistic signs in dog body language.
He also easily entered a herd of 4 dogs and 3 cats and found his space in this pack without any trouble. Even though Otto never learned to interact with cats, he was totally sweet and pleasant with the kittens.
Otto shows no signs of aggression or viciousness, he is distanced but friendly with human strangers when I´m around and mildly protective when he is alone in his territory.
Other pet animals or huntable wildlife can not be regarded totally safe, as Ottos inherited hunting-genes take over in not supervised situations or when he is asked to go "voran".
Otto is now in his puberty (21 month) and on the way to become a grown up. But as weimaraners are slowly developing, it will require some patience and practice from scratch again and again in a longer time to help him through this intense periode.  This is the same for all the young weimaraner males I had in my care, so I know that TLC is the best way to handle a headless youngster. But as Otto is the most focused and affectionated dog I ever had, I have no worries that Otto will become a wonderful well-balanced male.

Showing and hunting

At the age of 6 month Otto started his showing carrier in Neumünster - my birthtown in Northern Germany. 
I asked Maya - a very talented junior handler to help me out giving Otto the best experience at his first show.

Jim Beam VS du Bercau de Bugatti

But I found out, that Otto feels most comfortable beeing handled by me and so we further on only entered the show-ring together.
The big picture of me and Otto together (on the right) was taken by Jette Veggerby in Vissenbjerg (Fyn/Denmark) just 2 weeks later at the FJD show (for gundogs only), were Otto wins Best Puppy in Breed and collects his very first cup. I was so proud of my little boy.

Jim Beam VS du Berceau de Bugatti

And Otto kept on impressing me - he won the Copenhagen-Junior Winner 2015 and Copenhagen Winner 2015 and BOS at the age of only 9 month. 

Jim Beam VS du Berceau de Bugatti

The american- and australien blood, that floats in Ottos veins, is an extraordinary cocktail of finest genes from what the weimaraner breed offers - Grand Champions, Multi BOB and BISS is what each of Ottos ancestors have achieved in the show ring. 
But Otto is not only meeting the exterior-standard of the FCI-weimaraner perfectly - Otto is also a passionate, driven and certified hunter.
Ottos fine nose was tested in a blood-track of 400 meters/ 3 hours old. He achieved the first prize in april 2016.
Just one week later Otto demonstrated his inherited hunting genes successfully in the VJP (UT) in Denmark.

Jim Beam VS du Berceau de Bugatti

The Danish Weimaraner Klub demands 2 hunting tests acepted by the FCI, some good results at official FCI-dog shows and HD-score of min. B to be recognized as stud dog.
And as Otto accomplishes in all conditions the best scores, he is now listed on the klubs studdog-list  as well as on weimaranerpedigrees homepage.

In may 2016 Otto finished the Junior Champion VDH in Germany and starts from now only in adult class.

Jim Beam VS du Berceau de Bugatti

Otto was very successful in adultclass aswell and he won several BOB and BOS in both Germany, Denmark and Sweden. So Otto could finish his CIE ( International Champion ) at the age of only 2,5 years with 7 CACIBs.

Jim Beam VS du Berceau de Bugatti

In Rostock 2017 - just a few month after finishing the CIE, Otto won BOB and got his last needed V1 for the German Champion (VDH).
So now Otto is Champion in the motherland of his breed aswell.
I´m so grateful and proud of my boy not yet 3 years old and allready International Champion and Champion in Germany.

Jim Beam VS du Berceau de Bugatti