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Ottos show results and pictures

The very first dog-show for Otto was in Neumünster in 30.05.2015 in Puppy-class.
The judge was Peter Machetanz and his critic was good, even though Otto didn´t want be shown....
Otto was handled by wonderful young Maya DeAngelis.

Ottos result:
Promissing 1st place.


Otto is shown on the national special-dog-show for gun dogs in Vissenbjerg 14.06.2015 and got good critics from the judge Gerda Halff-Van Boven.


Ottos result:
Very promissing 1st, Best Puppy of Breed


Otto is nearly 9 month, but is not allowed to start in junior-class in Germany until 1 day after he is 9 month (Ottos birthday is 23.11.2014).
The judge the 22.08.2015 in Leipzig is Burkhardt Seidel.

Ottos result:
Very promissing 1st place.

23.08.2015 German Winner Show in Leipzig.
Otto starts last time in puppy-class.
The judge is Leif Wilberg/NO.

Ottos result:
Very promissing 2nd place.

First show in Junior-class in Varde 29.08.2015.
Otto and I needed a little more show-training and the judge Brenda Cook from Australia mentioned this also in the critic.

Ottos result:
Very good 1st place

The Copenhagen-Winner show 2015 (19.09.15) turned out to be very good for Otto.
Judge Brian Moran/IR liked Otto very much and made him BOS and both CPHJW15 and CPHW15.

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st place, CK, BOS, KBHJW15, KBHW15 

The international dog-show in Herning the 31.10.2015 Otto startet in Junior-class under the watchfull eyes of judge Des Manton.

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st place

The Danish Winner dog-show 2015 in Herning (01.11.2015).
Judge Erik Petersen/DK 

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st place

National dog-show in Rishøj/DK 29.11.2015

The judge Gunnar Nymann/SE was very glad about Otto.

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st place, JBOB, BOB

National dog-show in Faxe/DK 12.12.2015
The judge Bjarne Sörensen/DK liked Otto in the showring and gave him a good critic.

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st place, JBOB, BOB

First international dog-show in adult class in Sweden/Malmö for Otto. (20.03.2016)
Now we collect CAC and CACIB!
Judge Lars Widen/SE liked Otto a lot and gave him very good results. At the age of only 16 month Otto got his first
res. CACIB -> CACIB !!

Ottos result:
Intermediate Class - Excellent 1st, CK,

Otto starts to collect JCAC for the Junior Champion in Germany and he starts in Chemnitz the 3rd of april 2016 und judge Andras Korozs/HU. 

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, JCAC, JBOS


Ottos 2nd start in Junior class in Germany and 2nd JCAC under judge Karin Vojye/DE
in Lingen at the Int. Dog-Show (23.04.2016)

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, JCAC, JBOS


Last show in Junior-class
08.05.2016 in Int. Dog-Show Dortmund and Otto finished the Junior Champion VDH und judge Dr. Beyersdorf/DE.

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, JBOS, JCAC and Frühjahrsjugendsieger 2016 and VDHJCH


German Winner Show in Leipzig 2016 (21.08.2016) - Otto in open class under judge Dr. Beyersdorf, who liked him a lot.

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, VDH CAC, res CAC,

At the German Winner Show in Leipzig 2016 (21.08.2016) Ottos sisters and brother started in breeders class. 
We got a very good result and we were proud to be in the Main-Ring.

We got the 2nd place !!

Int. Rostock Dog-Show 02.10.2016
Otto started in Intermediate class under the watchfull eyes of judge Levente Miklos/HU.

Excellent 1st, CAC, CAC, BOB, CACIB, Rostock Winner 2016

International Dog-Show Dortmund 2016 (14.10.2016).
Otto under the eyes of judge Dr. Peper

Excellent 1st, CAC, res.CAC,

First show in 2017 - Jægerspris
National Special show for pointing gun-dogs
5-klub-certifikat-udstilling  - 04.02.17

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, 2nd best dog in breed

International Dog Show Fredericia 12.02.17
Judge Horst kliebenstein/DE

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, CK, 2nd best dog in breed,

International Dog Show Malmø 18.03.2017
Jugde Dameski Panche/HU 

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, CK, BOB

International Dog Show Roskilde 29.04.2017
Jugde Lars Molin/SE

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, CK,
3rd best male in breed

International Dog Show Roskilde 30.04.2017

Judge Peter Harsanyi/HU

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, CK,
3rd best dog in breed

International Dog Show Vejen 11.06.2017

Judge Wenche Eikeseth/No

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, CK, BOS, CACIB
Crufts qualified 2018
- finishes CIE - International Champion


Ambiorix Trofee Dog Show Genk 25.06.2017

Judge JP Achtergael/BE

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, res. CAC, res. CACIB


Rostock-Winner 30. sept. 2017

Ottos result:
Excellent 1st, CAC, VDH CAC, CACIB, BOB
Rostock Winner 2017 

World Winner Show Leipzig 09.nov. 2017

Breeders-Groupe BOB
VS du Berceau de Bugatti - 
(ltr. DECH Jar Jar Binks VSdBdB, INTCH Joy VSdBdB, DECH Jewel of my heart VSdBdB, INTCH DECH Je suis Anouk VSdBdB, INTCH DECH Jim Beam VSdBdB 

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