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Lockdown on Fanø
  • Susanne

Lockdown on Fanø

Opdateret: maj 13

Covid19 locks down Denmark and most of the world in the middle of march 2020. Otto, Anders and I are on Fanø - our little island in the Northsea

Otto and Anders enjoy the endless space on the wide white beach

Fantastic weather at the beach

We found a message in a bottle today....

The whiter shade of white ... Fanø sand

The day before we had to go back to Sjælland for 2 weeks.... (28.03.20)

Colours in the sky - we are back home (09.04.20)

Fun on the beach - Otto and Anders in action

Otto moving....

Windy day at the beach

Anders found a message in a bottle.... (the 3rd bottle we found on Fanø beach)

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